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Dr. Ralph Holloway – Ralph Holloway is a physical anthropologist at Columbia University and research associate with the American Museum of Natural History.

Since obtaining his Ph.D from the University of California, Berkley in 1964, Holloway has served as a professor of anthropology at Columbia.

Holloway’s interests lie in craniology, producing endocasts, primate behavior, biology of gender, sexual dimorphism in the corpus callosum, and other topics.


Nowadays, it is said that the necessity of English conversation is increasing in Japan as well.

Especially in the field of business, it can be said that the movement to encourage the acquisition of English conversation is remarkable.

Recently, there have been movements by companies to make English the official language.

English used in business is sometimes called business English in particular.

・ Qualification
There is TOEIC as a qualification to measure the ability required in the business.

TOEIC is a test that consists of listening and reading, and can measure the knowledge required for business.

However, it is said that TOEIC high scorers are not good at English conversation.

For this reason, the TOEIC test, which measures speaking ability, has recently appeared.

・ When an MBA
businessman studies abroad, he / she may be aiming to acquire an MBA.

MBA is a master’s degree in business administration, where you can study finance and management management.

In the United States, the acquisition of an MBA has a great impact on employment, but in Japan it is still hard to say that it is properly evaluated.

After learning an MBA, you can start a business or get involved in management as a manager.

・ Business English
Conversation Programs and teaching materials for business English conversation are increasing.

It teaches you the words used in business and conversations for each scene.

English conversation schools are also increasing their business English conversation programs.

Teaching Material

With the increasing need for English conversation skills, many teaching materials for English conversation have been sold.

Therefore, in order to learn English conversation, not only study abroad and English conversation school but also learning using teaching materials has become more efficient.

・ Books
All books are on sale to help you learn English conversation.

In the past, most of the teaching materials were sold separately on cassettes, but now it is commonplace for books to come with CDs and audio download services.

All the methods for learning English have been developed and are cheaply available in books.

Popular English conversation materials include those that allow you to experience studying abroad in a simulated manner, those that allow you to understand English as it is, and those in which English and Japanese are pronounced alternately.

・ CD teaching materials
, etc. CD teaching materials have been on sale for some time.

However, nowadays, CD teaching materials that are just listened to are very popular.

It is possible to study using the gap time, and the reason for its popularity is its ease of use.

・ Online teaching materials
Recently, many online teaching materials have been provided.

The internet has made it possible to learn English using multimedia.

In particular, two-way communication is possible, which was not possible with books and CDs.

The number of services that distribute videos and provide audio conferences is increasing on the Internet.

Although it is not online, some packaged software that can recognize voice is also popular.

The Internet

With the spread of the Internet, new services are increasing in every situation.

The Internet has come to offer all the benefits for learning English.

・ By using the borderless
Internet, we have more opportunities to come into contact with foreign countries across national borders.

By using the internet, it has become possible to communicate with foreigners.

In addition, it is becoming possible to freely use overseas content through the Internet.

However, English proficiency is also required when communicating via the Internet.

However, by using all kinds of contents, it is becoming possible to experience studying abroad in a simulated manner.


It is said that a global society has arrived.

Even in Japan, it is not uncommon for many foreigners to visit as tourists.

Also, in business situations, it is not uncommon to do business with companies around the world.

As a result, more and more people want to learn English conversation.

However, you need to know in advance what kind of English conversation skills you should acquire.

Many native Japanese dream of learning English conversation skills like native speakers.

Native here refers to so-called white English such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada.

Japanese people tend to focus on good pronunciation of English and being able to speak fluently.

However, people from other countries speak for themselves, regardless of pronunciation or fluency.

Ironically, natives appreciate deep, poorly pronounced English that speaks their own opinions, rather than clean English with no content.

It can be said that the Japanese begin by changing their consciousness about English.

・ Study Abroad Destination
By emphasizing what you speak rather than pronunciation in English, you can expand your options for study abroad destinations.

You don’t necessarily have to go to the United States or the United Kingdom to study abroad.

Even in the Philippines and Fiji, it is quite possible to improve your English conversation skills.

These countries are well worth the effort as there are many cheap programs.

Studying abroad in Europe is also an option.

In Europe, there are many countries where English is spoken.

Therefore, you can learn German as well as English.

Furthermore, even in Singapore, if you are a university, you can use it to learn both English and Chinese.

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